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🏕 Observations on "corporate life"

Alexander Cameron
Alexander Cameron
2 min read

Sup homies,

Today marks the end of my first week back in corporate life. After being out of the office for six years, here are a few observations I've made coming in with fresh eyes:

1. Your team matters.

I've worked in offices where the team was no bueno, and I can tell you right now... this makes your work-life ABYSMAL.

Luckily, I'm enjoying my team so far. Everyone made me feel welcome, checked in to make sure I was settling in okay, and took me out for beers.

You want a team you can lean on when shit hits the fan.

2. Corporate life hasn't changed all that much.

The computers are nicer, and the software is more sophisticated (Excel is still Excel, though lol). But it's like I never left.

Here's a fun story that I imagine is semi-relatable:

One of my first tasks was to hunt down documents from a bank that my team had been trying to get for the last month. I call the bank, and I'm told to email another department. I contact the new department, and they ask me to email ANOTHER department. And all of this was AFTER the bank redirected my team to three different people before me.

I've played this game before. You keep passing the buck, hoping that someone will give up and stop bugging you, haha. Some things never change.

3. The five-day workweek is dead.

I went into the office every day this week to gauge the vibe.

My biggest takeaway?

Commuting to work this much is exhausting. There will be a lot more flexibility for companies in the future–remote-only, remote-friendly, and hybrid models will prevail.

These schedules feel more natural than the standard 9-5.

4. My perspective has changed immensely.

When I was an auditor, I thought my life would consist of forever sitting in a dingy room, smashing my keyboard to create work papers that no one would ever see.

But I've seen what's on the other side. If I get fired tomorrow, I can go get another job or use my skills to make money as a freelancer–everything is less scary, which means I can be bold.

I also have a plan that is broader than "I will have this career until I keel over and die."  

This job is part of my journey, not the destination. I will use the steady income to continue building my wealth and learn everything I can from this role. Hopefully, approaching work with this mindset will make those inevitable "bad days" more bearable.

If I had to sum up the first week, I'd say I'm excited.

As long as I remember to soak up everything I can and avoid neglecting my goals, I'm confident this experience will leave me with no regrets.

If you're struggling with career stuff, remember:

  • Do things that broaden your perspective–your decisions become easier when you "zoom out"
  • Your career is a journey, and every part has something to teach you
  • Nothing is permanent

And obviously, you can always shoot me a message–I'm happy to chat if you need an ear :)

Much love and have a great week ahead 💚


P.S. I originally planned to send these newsletters out on Tuesday, but Sunday seems like a more natural day for me with the new schedule. So I'll see ya next Sunday;)

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"Life is nothing how he expected it would be when he was young and living under the delusion that things could be controlled. Nothing can be controlled. Only endured."

Blake Crouch, Recursion

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