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🏕 1-2-3

Alexander Cameron
Alexander Cameron
2 min read

Hi friends!

I swore this newsletter wouldn't have a gimmicky structure like every other newsletter on the planet. I even proclaim this in the signup box on my website.

But since I'm struggling to stay consistent, I want to give myself a little structure so I don't have to think too hard when I sit down.

And fuck it, it's my newsletter. I can do what I want :)

Welcome to "Alex's 1-2-3" (still playing with the name, tbh). Shaan Puri mentioned on Twitter that he used this riff of James Clear's 3-2-1 Newsletter when he was working in a corporate gig and trying to build his influence.

The premise is this:

  • One picture
  • Two thoughts from yours truly
  • Three interesting reads or listens I've come across

My main goal with this newsletter is to document my thoughts and experiences over time and this format will still achieve this goal.

Let's get this party started.

Pic of the Week

This photo is actually from a few weeks ago. My friend and his wife came up for a visit in the middle of a deep freeze, so naturally we had to go skiing until our toes fell off. Pow was mint, though.

Two Thoughts


You don't have to finish everything you start.

In my first newsletter ever, I laid out the plan I was going to use to learn how to code. I started with a course in HTML/CSS and made decent progress in the first week.

My progress since then?


And that's okay. I realized I didn't have a strong WHY for learning to code and I discovered it's not my strong suit. I'm not saying I'll never pick coding back up again, but I'm not saying I will either lol.


Carve out time for your thoughts.

Boredom is a gift that is easy to ignore in this day and age. It's far easier (and less scary) to whip out your phone and check Twitter than it is to sit in silence and listen to your thoughts.

But I've been thinking about high performers at the top of their game and how much more time they spend thinking vs working. Maybe we already have the answers we seek and all we need is to listen more closely.

Three Interesting Reads


[ARTICLE] Build a business, not an audience by Jakob Greenfield

Do cool stuff. The audience will follow.


[ARTICLE] Hustle Traps: Ten Guaranteed Paths To Burnout For The Self-Employed Creator by Paul Millard

I think I speak for everyone when I say that the main goal of self-employment is to do what you want, when you want, with who you want.

Read this to avoid some of the pitfalls of self-employment.


[BOOK] The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel

Building wealth is my main focus at the moment. And getting educated is part of that journey. Morgan has written a smart, entertaining book on why we act the way we do towards money and how to understand this all-important subject better.

See you next week,



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