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🏕 Performing a brutal self-audit

Alexander Cameron
Alexander Cameron
2 min read

Happy Sunday!

I've been MIA the last two weeks because my energy levels were critically in the red. Adjusting to a new job, juggling a freakishly-packed social calendar, and my 30th birthday (where I turned 31 🥲) left me limping.

I didn't tweet, and I didn't write. And I jolted myself awake at 9 pm when my Kindle smacked me in the face after falling asleep mid-read.

Sometimes that's just the way she goes, but we're back, baby!

On to today's message...

Performing a brutal self-audit

I'm part of an online group of entrepreneurs run by the legend, Dan Meredith. Last Thursday, his right-hand man, Tega, jumped on a call with me to go over how to get the most out of the group.

It turns out our entrepreneurial ventures have a lot in common:

  • Get excited about an idea (Me: Copywriting; Tega: Facebook ads)
  • Make measurable progress with said idea
  • Get bored to tears and quit

Anyway, Tega mentioned that I am–and that he was–stuck in this hellish loop because I haven't sat down and asked myself what I truly want from this life.

He's right. I'd give things some thought, but not enough to make the ventures sustainable. Without knowing WHY I'm doing the things I'm doing, I'm destined to fail before I even start.

Said another way:

It's easy to say "I'm going to be a copywriter" or "I'm going to be a creator and build an audience" or "I'm going to start a business doing XYZ". But you need to keeping asking yourself "why am I doing this?" over and over and over again until you get to the root of what you want, otherwise your why won't be strong enough and you'll (probably) give up.

I know that taking a forensic look into my life to determine what I want, why I want it, and what I need to do or improve upon to get there is going to sting. But my plan is to have spent a couple of hours doing this exercise, so I can share my findings next week.

Most of this audit is going to be focused on business, wealth, and lifestyle, but some questions I'm pondering off the top of my head include:

  • What do I truly want for my life?
  • If I were to start a business, what do I want it to look like? What are the non-negotiables?
  • What would I do if I had more money?
  • What material things do I need to be happy?
  • Where do I spend money that doesn’t benefit me?
  • What could I spend money on to benefit my life the most?
  • Do I make the most of my free time?
  • Are my actions generally reflecting my true self?
  • Am I spending enough time relaxing?
  • Am I spending enough time having fun?

These are just scratching the surface. And if you were to perform a self-audit, your questions would look entirely different than mine.

But I think we can agree that understanding yourself and spending a solid chunk of time building your self-awareness will lead to more success down the line.

So stay tuned for next week where I'll share my initial findings (yes, I plan on being absolutely BRUTAL on myself haha).

Much love 💚


Tasty Quote

"Life with a cheat code isn’t life. Our existence isn’t something to be engineered or optimized for the avoidance of pain. That’s what it is to be human—the beauty and the pain, each meaningless without the other."

Blake Crouch, Recursion

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