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🏕 Drinking less

Alexander Cameron
Alexander Cameron
3 min read

What's good, amigos?

Happy Tues–er, Wednesday!


This past week, I squeezed in a few more rounds of golf before the weather turned. Here's me at the famous Fairmont Banff Springs Golf Course:

The lighting really brings out my package LOL

I never had a burning desire to get back into golf (I played when I was a wee lad), but I'm glad that my friends and I did for two reasons:

  1. You're outside in nature for two to four hours. And if you ditch the golf cart, you get a decent amount of walking in, which is still the most underrated form of exercise.
  2. Golf is an infinite game. Yes, every round has a defined endpoint, but you can always improve and get better. Plus, different courses, weather, and people make for a new game every time. I like things that I can get better at.

If you can find hobbies in your life that hit both of those points, those hobbies will likely make you healthier and happier.

Just some food for thought.

Let's dive in 👇

Drinking less

I couldn't tell you the exact moment when alcohol decided to beat the shit out of me for three days after a night on the town.

One day, I was having a grand, old-time, double-fisting my way through bars and house parties, and jumping out of bed the next morning full of piss and vinegar...

The next day, I was quietly weeping in the fetal position, gorging on greasy noods, praying for the pain to stop.

I love alcohol, don't get me wrong. Drinking is fun!

But too much drinking wrecks my brain, makes me feel sad, and ruins my body and productivity for the following half a week. I've noticed with my friends around the 30-years-old mark as well.

And when I was writing copy for a brand that sells alcohol-free spirits infused with functional mushrooms (talk about a niche!), I figured what the hell... let's see what this movement is all about.

Now, I don't want to cut off alcohol entirely. The thought of never savouring a delicious glass of malbec ever again is too much to bear.

So here's what I'm going to do:

  • Go cold turkey (at least 95%) for the next two months to give myself a reset. I'm building up my freelance writing biz from scratch and I can't afford to be wrecked multiple days a week.
  • Introduce mindful drinking habits in the new year. This means being intentional about using alcohol. Enjoying wine with dinner or having the odd night out is a-ok, as long as I'm not drinking just because I can.

Here's a dope article that goes deep on the ethos behind "mindful drinking."

Since this is the beginning of my journey to drinking less, I can't say for sure what will or won't work, but I have found a couple of tools that get my stamp of approval:

  • Less: This is an app that helps you become aware of your drinking habits. You can set weekly limits and view stats like your average number of drinks-per-week and money spent on alcohol each year.
  • Athletic Brewing: Alcohol-free beer used to taste like watered-down garbage water. AB has managed to make an AF beer that tastes AND feels like beer, and I'm a big fan. Next on my list is low- or non-alcoholic wine and exploring new sparkling waters!
  • Plan other obligations: If I have work to get done or a mammoth hike planned the next day, it's so much easier to say no. I've found that saying no to drinking when offered has been my biggest struggle, so this little tactic has come in handy.

If you're looking to cut back your boozing after a liquor-infused quarantine, or you're trying to break out of the two extremes (drink with abandon or don't drink at all), I hope this message helps.

Best performing tweet of the week

This thread I wrote on quick copywriting tips that will polish up your writing.

Weekly check-in

What did I do well this week?

  • Tweeted (almost) every day and wrote my weekly newsletter
  • Hit all of my workouts on the day they were delivered
  • After getting rejected from that job last week, made the commitment to build up my freelance biz in a way that's sustainable and enjoyable for me.

What didn't I do this week, and I should have?

  • Did not keep my logbook up to date... again lol
  • Had too much to drink Saturday night and couldn't drive my girlfriend to the airport on Sunday 🤦‍♂️

That's all, folks!

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If you have any interesting articles, funny memes, compliments, complaints, or simply want to shoot the shit, hit reply and let's chat–DMs are open!

Cheers 🍻

– AC


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