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🏕 Learning to program

Alexander Cameron
Alexander Cameron
3 min read

Hello, hello!

Welcome to the first edition of Alex's Newsletter About Nothing. Before I spill what a newsletter about nothing is about, I have a confession to make...

I spent WAY too long beep bopping around different ideas for this newsletter instead of writing the damn thing. If I had started putting my thoughts down from the beginning, you'd be receiving the 5th edition by now! So there's a lesson for you:

Action > inaction (planning, thinking, pick your procrastination poison).

Anyway, we're here now 👏

I have one objective for this newsletter:

Write about the skills I'm learning, exciting rabbit holes I find myself lost in, my rocks (writing, self-awareness, physical health), and lessons I'm picking up along the way.

In essence, this newsletter will become a personal time machine chock full of things that I–and hopefully you–find interesting or valuable.

Let's dive in 👇

Learning to program

With the way the world is trending (i.e. digital everything), I figured it was time to teach myself how to program. I don't expect to become a programming prodigy at 30 years old, but I'd like to learn enough to be dangerous. Here's why I'm learning to program:

  • The ability to program opens up more doors. The amount of high-paying jobs out there is insane, and stacking this skill on top of my copywriting skills and accounting knowledge makes for an interesting combo.
  • Web 3.0 is here, and it's confusing as hell. I understand how frustrated my parents feel when trying to use a new app on the iPad that seems easy to me but downright impossible to them. Building a solid foundation in programming will (hopefully) make the metaverse easier to understand.
  • I'm genuinely curious. I want to see what I can create. Building something from scratch–a solution to a problem I'm having or a fun gimmick–sounds dope.

Also, when I asked Shaan Puri what he would do if he was 30 and had to start from scratch, he said:

And since Shaan is a co-host on the My First Million podcast (super fun and insightful) and sold his startup to Twitch for $25M, it seems prudent to take his advice :)

Here's the roadmap I'm following (h/t to Nat Eliason for the guidance):

  1. HTML & CSS → Codecademy's free courses
  2. Javascript → Beginner Javascript by Wes Bos
  3. Node → Learn Node by Wes Bos
  4. React → Modern React on Udemy

Once I graduate from the structured learning phase above, I'll start building my own projects and share what I'm learning. Stay tuned!

Best performing tweet of the week

This thread I wrote on how I'm strengthening my self-awareness "muscle."

Weekly check-in

What did I do well this week?

  • Tweeted every day, published my first article, and wrote this here newsletter!
  • Stayed within my limit of seven alcoholic drinks
  • Reached out to someone on Twitter about a potential job opportunity and managed to snag a phone call.

What didn't I do this week, and I should have?

  • Did not keep my logbook up to date
  • Missed a few (okay a lot) of my morning meditations

What do I need to stop doing?

  • Staying up late playing videogames or watching TV. Sometimes it's fucking hard to peel yourself off the couch lol, but sleep is too important.

That's all, folks!

If you enjoyed this Newsletter About Nothing, maybe your friends will too! I'd love it if you shared the good word with a homie or two. All you have to do is send them this link so they can sign up. Every week, I promise to sit down and try my damndest to make this email better than the last one.

If you have any interesting articles, funny memes, compliments, complaints, or simply want to shoot the shit, hit reply and let's chat–DMs are open!

Cheers 🍻

– AC


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