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🏕 My annual review 2021

Alexander Cameron
Alexander Cameron
3 min read

Sup homies,

I hope you had a magical, fantastical Christmas and New Year.

Twenty-one days. That's how long it's been since my last message, which is no bueno. I've been struggling with the idea behind this newsletter. For now, I'm happy with it being a public diary that allows me to share my thoughts and document my journey.

This year, I plan on sending a letter out every week without missing a beat.

Speaking of "new year" things...

I performed an annual review for the first time, and I must say, I wish I started doing these many years ago. I feel like I have some clarity for the first time in a long time.

Have you done an annual review before? If so, I'd love to hear your process.

Here's my complete 2021 Annual Review if you're interested in checking it out. I'll share some of the highlights below.

Much love,


🌹 Rose

My parents moved into their new house finally. I've spent more time with my parents this year than in the last 5-7 years, which is amazing.

🥀 Thorn

I lost my grandma. Cancer came knocking on the door, and she opted for medically assisted dying (MAID). I loved her, and I hope that I have as much courage as she did if I make it that far.

💚 Favourite stuff

Book: Remembrance of Earth's Past Trilogy by Cixin Liu. I honestly cannot stop thinking about this book, and it's been like six months. Please read it.

Podcast: I don't listen to many podcasts, but Steph Smith and Calvin Rosser's one about death hit me deep. Finding meaning in sudden death - Sh*t You Don't Learn In School.

Music: I discovered Japanese LoFi, and it's my favourite genre to throw on when working, reading, or relaxing. Check out this YouTube live radio.

Tech: Twitter, believe it or not. I made the decision to grow my audience on there, and it feels right—it suits my preferred way of communicating with the world (writing), and there's loads of great people on there if you know how to find them,

Recipe: @chefchrischo's Broke Boyz Bibimbap. Everything he makes is drool-worthy, and I made this for breakfast more than I'd care to admit.

🧪 Biggest life lesson

No one—not your family, not your partner, not the people you trust the most in this world—has the answers for you. Take advice from others, but discard what you don't need and question everything.

⚗️ Stuff to work on for 2022

I've outlined and organized everything I'm working on for this year based on the pillars that make up my life–finances, physical health, relationships, emotional well-being, fun, and side hustle.

You can check out each of those in my full review, but the biggest thing is that I'm retiring my freelance aspirations and finding gainful employment in finance again (something I thought I'd never do, lol).

There are many reasons why I'm deciding to do this now, but stability has become more important to me as I enter my 30's.

Does this mean I'm giving up on my dreams of time, financial, and locational freedom?

Hell no!

I've got plans that I'm going to keep pushing forward, which is why I have my "side hustle" pillar. This year, my main focus is building my audience, exploring my interests, and thinking deeply about what kind of business I'd like to create.

I've rejoined Ship 30 for 30–a cohort-based course that teaches the basics of writing online–to help keep me accountable. If you'd like to join me, I'd be pumped if you used my affiliate link :)

Tasty Quote

"The secret of being a bore is to tell everything."


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