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🏕 Bridge thoughts

Alexander Cameron
Alexander Cameron
2 min read

Are there things you want to believe about yourself but do not?

Maybe you want to believe, "I'm a person who takes care of their body." Or, "I'm fiscally responsible." Or, "I'm a writer."

Thinking these thoughts and saying them out loud seems like a good idea. But if they're not congruent with what you believe or your behaviour, there's going to be conflict.

Going weeks without writing a single sentence and then staring in the mirror saying, "I'm a writer" isn't likely to change anything.

This is where bridge thoughts come in.

I'm working with a mindset coach (Hi Alicia!) to stay consistent with my writing and audience-building. Today, she asked me, "Imagine you have already hit your goal. What do you believe about yourself?"

There were two things I had to believe:

  1. I keep my promises to myself.
  2. I achieve the things I set out to do even if I fail along the way.

The problem is that I don't fully believe those things. I still fuck up and don't send my newsletter for the week, or I say I'll engage with people on Twitter tomorrow when I should be engaging today.

Then I feel bad because I have to face the truth that I'm not a person who keeps promises to myself.

But what if I mould those two thoughts into something I DO currently believe:

  1. I am learning how to keep promises to myself.
  2. It's possible that I can achieve the things I set out to do even if I fail along the way.

When I mess up, I can use my bridge thought to stay positive and keep moving forward. If I break a promise to myself, that means I'm trying and learning how to keep my future promises.

Beautiful congruency.

If there's something you want to believe is true, but you're not quite there yet, create a bridge thought that inspires positive action and "builds a bridge" toward your goal beliefs.

Much love 💚


P.S. If you'd like to learn more about mastering your thoughts or going deeper into mindset coaching, I can't recommend Alicia and her team enough → Ritual Coaching Collective

Quote I'm pondering

"There were moments when you saw the people you loved for who they really were, separate from the baggage of projection and shared histories. When you saw them with fresh eyes, as a stranger might, and caught the feeling of the first time you loved them. Before the tears and the armor chinks. When there was still the possibility of perfection."

Blake Crouch, Pines

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