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🏕 Let the gains begin

Alexander Cameron
Alexander Cameron
2 min read

Happy Friday, fam!

Late message this week, but there's a good reason...

My dad and I built a gym!

Plus, bumper pads, plyo box, adjustable dumbbells, pulley system, rings... basically our dream setup 😍

We still need to add some finishing touches and more rubber flooring, but I can't stop drooling.

As pumped as I am to lift some real weight again, the pandemic changed my philosophy about fitness.

Pre-lockdown my sole focus was lifting as much weight as humanly possible. But when the gyms closed, I was lucky that I had some bands, light dumbbells, and a TRX. And I was extremely lucky to score a set of PowerBlocks.

This gear is probably more than most people have at home, but it's a fraction of what's at any gym.

And you know what?

I managed to maintain a decent level of fitness over the last year and a half. Switching my training split from 3X/week with heavy barbell workouts to 5X/week with my unassuming dumbbells, spiced up with a dash of creativity, was an eye-opening experience–I stayed lean, and I felt better overall (less stiffness and pain).

The lesson: You don't need much to get shit done.

Yes, this new gym kicks ass, and I'm grateful AF. But I know that if the gym disappeared tomorrow, I'd be okay.

Taking care of your health is–and always will be–in your control.

I'm not saying you have complete control of your health outcomes because shit happens. But you'll always have the opportunity to tip the scales in your favour.

This is getting deeper and more philosophical than I intended, and since I only wanted to brag about my new gym, I'm going to end things here.

I hope you have a great weekend!


Quote of the week

"There are often two reasons behind people's behaviour: the ostensibly logical reason, and the real reason."

Rory Sutherland, Alchemy

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