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Alex Cameron

You're meandering down a sketchy, dark alleyway...

As you walk past a hooded creature of the night warming himself by a barrel of burning garbage, you notice the inconspicuous-looking door I told you about, so you knock three times.


You uncrumple the piece of paper I gave to you and whisper the words the doorman wants to hear, and he lets you inside.

The difference is stark.

After making your way down the creaky, wooden stairs, you're greeted by a crackling fire, exotic rugs, and walls covered floor to ceiling with musty books and tempting bourbon.

I wave to you from one of the booths and we have our weekly catch-up over our favourite cocktails, where we talk about anything and everything–one day we're discussing the Fermi paradox, and the next day we're laughing at fart jokes.

THAT is the vibe I'm going for with this newsletter about nothing.

One picture. Two thoughts from yours truly. Three interesting reads or listens I've come across. Once a week. Topics include health, wealth, fitness, mindfulness, storytelling, fiction, outdoor adventure, skills or lessons I'm picking up along the way, and more.

If you're curious, you can check out past issues below. And if those tickle your fancy, consider joining the party. I'll slip you the password below 👇

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🏕 1-2-3

Hi friends! I swore this newsletter wouldn't have a gimmicky structure like every other newsletter on the planet. I even proclaim this in the signup box on my website. But since I'm struggling to stay consistent, I want to give myself a little structure so I don't have to think

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🏕 Performing a brutal self-audit

Happy Sunday! I've been MIA the last two weeks because my energy levels were critically in the red. Adjusting to a new job, juggling a freakishly-packed social calendar, and my 30th birthday (where I turned 31 🥲) left me limping. I didn't tweet, and I didn't write. And I jolted myself

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🏕 Observations on "corporate life"

Sup homies, Today marks the end of my first week back in corporate life. After being out of the office for six years, here are a few observations I've made coming in with fresh eyes: 1. Your team matters. I've worked in offices where the team was no bueno, and

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🏕 I told myself I'd never do this

I had no clue where life was going to take me. All I knew was that when I left the corporate world six years ago, I would explore my interests and curiosities before the weight of responsibility became too heavy. Oh, and that I wasn't going back. Over the years,

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🏕 Bridge thoughts

Are there things you want to believe about yourself but do not? Maybe you want to believe, "I'm a person who takes care of their body." Or, "I'm fiscally responsible." Or, "I'm a writer." Thinking these thoughts and saying them out loud seems like a good idea. But if they're

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🏕 My annual review 2021

Sup homies, I hope you had a magical, fantastical Christmas and New Year. Twenty-one days. That's how long it's been since my last message, which is no bueno. I've been struggling with the idea behind this newsletter. For now, I'm happy with it being a public diary that allows me

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🏕 Who am I?

LOL, I don't know. But I do know that this is fast becoming an exhausting question. Over the past six years, I've had this habit of slapping a label on my identity. I usually tie this label to whatever my current vocation is at the time. At first, I was

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🏕 I made $11,329 overnight

Something weird happened to me last week. I was locked out of my house, sitting in my Dad's car waiting for my girlfriend to let me in, when I received a strange text from a friend... My first thought was, "I bought one of those domains a few weeks ago.

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🏕 Let the gains begin

Happy Friday, fam! Late message this week, but there's a good reason... My dad and I built a gym! Plus, bumper pads, plyo box, adjustable dumbbells, pulley system, rings... basically our dream setup 😍We still need to add some finishing touches and more rubber flooring, but I can't stop drooling.

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🏕 Writing fiction

Greetings! If you need a new read for funsies, and you're a fan of sci-fi, I can't recommend Liu Cixin's Three-Body Problem trilogy enough. I'm halfway through the third book, and I can't physically put the book down at night. My sleep schedule is destroyed. Speaking of fiction, here's what