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Alex Cameron

Hi, I'm Alex.

Welcome to my digital campsite.

I'm a lot of things, but above all, I'm a writer. I do most of my writing in three places:

🌀 Words is my nicheless blog focused on life, philosophy, and exploring curiosities. It's my attempt to put my stream of consciousness into words.

🔮 Insightful Fiction is where I write original fiction and insights gleaned from my favourite fictional stories. I'm aiming to publish 100 short stories.

🛶 My newsletter is a quarterly missive where I share cool photos, curious finds, interesting thoughts or quotes, and a quick rundown of good things that happened during the previous three months. You can sign up below.

If you want to know what I'm working on, check out my Projects.

And if you enjoy any of my work and want to hi, I'm easiest to reach on Twitter.