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Alex Cameron

Hi, I'm Alex.

Me In Ten Seconds

I've been a Chartered Public Accountant (still have the letters) and a personal trainer. Now, I'm a freelance copywriter helping online coaches with their email marketing. Next, who knows? 🤷🏼‍♂️

I ❤️ reading, writing, skiing, backpacking, building wealth through simple business, mountain biking, bouldering, "non-woo" mindfulness & self-awareness, plaid and leather, emo rap, and learning new things.

Born on the East Coast of Canada, grew up in Saudi Arabia, and currently living in Calgary, Alberta.

Me In Ten Minutes

See my 'About' page.

What I'm Doing Right Now

See my 'Now' page.

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I found Twitter in early 2021. Right now, I'm committed to publishing my thoughts on this platform and finding my tribe.

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Alex's Newsletter About Nothing

There's no theme or gimmicky structure to this newsletter. I write one email a week about skills I'm learning, rabbit holes I find myself lost in, my rocks (writing, self-awareness, physical health), and lessons I'm picking up along the way.

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**Shout out to Derek Sivers for showing me how to set up this "Home Page."